Ameerah "The Songstress"

My Bio

​    Introducing R&B/Soul solo artist Ameerah “The Songstress”. Born in Detroit, Ameerah started singing at the early age of 5. Her first inspiration was Denise Williams, but quickly moved to Whitney Houston. After joining an all girl trio called Cherry Bomb, Ameerah got her first taste of the music industry when the group was signed to Provocative Records! Continuing on as a solo artist after the members of the group decided to go their separate ways, Ameerah recorded her first solo album entitled "Dreams Of A Single Mother". This brought her to her second record deal with Tone Struck Records. As “The Songstress” continues to make her way through the entertainment industry, she has created a niche for herself as a singer, songwriter and producer. Ameerah started a production company called Gems La Femmes. The company’s main function is to produce events based on live music. Ameerah has produced events around the country placing herself on stage amongst some of her favorite artist. Her productions have been highly successful, as she has produced shows such as "The Legends" Featuring impersonators of artist from the Motown era, the 90's and Jazz & Blues artist Such as B.B. King, Whitney Houston and The Supremes. This market niche has created a platform for Ameerah and other local and upcoming artist as well. Ameerah really enjoys what she does as an artist, performer, writer and director. “The Songstress” has found a way to entertain throughout her career in a way that continues to keep her at the head of the game. She has been featured in commercials for products such as Dove soap, has performed in musicals such as "The Men and Women Of Soul" and has written and recorded with some of the great blues, funk and soul legends. As Ameerah continues to navigate her way through the entertainment industry she will be sure to be an artist that will be recognized for her accomplishments and her innovative style! Ameerah will continue kicking down doors and forcing the industry to stand up and take notice of a highly intelligent, sophisticated and beautiful talent.